Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Irony

OH, I shouldn't be on here, I'm writing an essay due in at 1:35 pm today... but I couldn't help sharing the hilarity.

The essay is on adolescent experiences which changed domains (social, cognitive, moral, etc) of our lives. Of course, one of the experiences I mentioned was being diagnosed with celiac disease.

I had just begun the "health" domain of celiac disease when I took a break for lunch: plain yogurt straight from the container and a cup of chocolate chip cookie dough (GF!) that I found in the bottom of the fridge while looking for the yogurt.

As I returned with my spoils to continue the essay, I found the cursor blinking at the end of this beautifully ironic sentence:

The diagnosis of celiac disease greatly influenced my eating habits

Oh, how true it is... I think I meant, "for the better," but can't bring myself to type it.
That is, at least until I finish off this cookie dough.