Sunday, November 30, 2008



I am so grateful for my cousins, especially Derick Gines. He's 10 days younger than me, but he's always been my example. He is so kind and righteous--no matter what! He comes over to keep me company while I'm all alone in the vacation house, and I don't know what I'm going to do when he goes on his mission in a couple months.

I'm thankful for Slurpees. I've never had one before, and the aforementioned cousin introduced them to me last Tuesday. Cherry and pina colada never tasted so delectable! I am thankful to be able to act, sometimes, like a child again.

I am grateful for truth. I've been working on a scripture chain about "the word" of God and its implications: scripture, prophets' teachings, Jesus Christ, truth and light, and the power thereof. So many in our world do not believe that absolute truth exists. I am thankful that I can know that something is true- without a doubt, without one discrepancy or condition.

However, I am most thankful, I think, for gluten-free banana cream pie. Yum!


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Jenn said...

Simple, yet sincere. I like it. And I can't believe you never had a Slurpee before last week! There's a 7-Eleven on Freedom, we'll go soon :)