Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flourless Friendship!

Craig and Alex:

two boys in our ward who enjoy long-boarding, slack-lining, ultimate tumbling, soccer, frisbee, lip syncing (not really), snow-boarding...

and cooking gluten-free peanut butter cookies!!!

These two WONDERFUL friends brought over a couple plates (one burned, one perfect) with smiles and stories. Apparently they checked all the ingredients online--even the soap they used to sanitize dishes and hands (or at least, they thought about the soap), left the cookies in the oven for a while wondering why they weren't cooking (it wasn't on), and then forgot one pan was in the oven and left the apartment for too long (those turned out a little crispy).

I still can't believe that these friends were kind enough to think of me and work so hard to make something so delicious and GLUTEN FREE!

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Terina said...

Give me flour-less friends anytime! Food instead of flowers! YAY!!!