Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finish Strong

Virtus Tentamine Gaudet:

Strength Rejoices in the Challenge

It's ten o'clock, and I have just a little while to finish one of my papers that is due tomorrow before I drop into my bed from sheer exhaustion. My schedule for the week is beyond crazy--it's ridiculous. I'm running into social and health problems, and family issues.

Strength rejoices in the challenge, and I say, "Bring it on."

I'm ready to finish this semester running... or, if not running, crawling at a very fast pace.



Danielle said...

What an awesome outlook dia, I admire you a lot for that:)

Terina said...

I love that little snail. What a beautiful photo of minutae. That's what life is, going slow enough to notice the beauty of the small things. I love your crawling philosophy.

Anonymous said...

haha i like the subtle connection to the picture of the snail crawling.

jsashby said...

I will go, I will do... the things the professors command!

Head Cook said...

Where did you find such a good picture of me?

Scott said...

"Bring it on." I like that, it makes me feel more confident than I actually am. Which makes me more confident. Funny how that works